Why do guinea pigs sneeze?

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Well, if you see your guinea pigs sneezing, it’s a pretty common thing. The occasional sneezing is nothing serious to worry about it. Same as human beings, guinea pigs sneeze to expel unwanted particles from nose or respiratory tract.”

There are many reasons for your pet sneezing. It can happen from anything dust and the fragrance of your perfume. Sneezing is a normal thing; if you see your guinea pigs sneezing, you should say, “God bless you.”

Moreover, if you see your pet sneezing more often than usual and water is coming from your pet’s nose, you should take some precautions and care or concern your vet.

How many times it’s normal to sneeze?

This question is pretty standard and asked many times, well this is important because, If you know the correct answer, then you can notice your pretty sneezing is usual and nothing to worry about it or if it is more often unusual, then

It would help if you were concerned with your vet immediately; the correct answer is that guinea pigs usually sneeze two-four times a day, which is quite normal, and nothing serious to worry about it.

How should I know my guinea pig is sneezing?

Guinea pigs sneeze with little (sound like “ahh-Cho”) and shake their head and close their eyes. Sometimes your guinea pigs do itself nasal discharge to clean their nose respiratory tract. You should take a warm, slightly wet cloth and wipe your piggy nose gently.

Do guinea pigs sneeze when cold?

It’s not compulsory that your pet only sneeze when suffering from a cold. As I mentioned above, the pigs sneeze 2-4 times a typical day. Also, they sneeze themselves to clean the nose tract, but it can also be a symptom of a cold.

If you notice it’s sneezing more than four times a day and water is coming from the nose, and your pet is not eating its meal, you should worry about it and take him to your nearest vet shop for a proper checkup.

What Makes Guinea Pigs Sneeze?

Many reasons can make your guinea pigs sneeze but some causes are mentioned below.

Weather changes:

Climate changes can also be a reason for your guinea pigs sneezing; dry conditions should also irritate nasal passages causing them to sneeze.


The allergies can also cause itching and irritation of your pet’s nose and make him sneeze; pets can also be allergic from anything just like humans, some can be allergic to dust, your perfumes, fragrances, washing detergents, room fresheners, or cleaning products.

Stress & Depression.

Just like humans, your pet can also suffer from stress and depression, which can cause your guinea pigs to sneeze more than usual. This can also affect their immune systems which can also cause more susceptibility to allergies and respiratory infections. It can also happen for the following reasons:

  • Moving it from his old house, rescue center to its new home.
  • Adding a new friend in his cage can also disturb him.
  • Smaller space and less exercise.


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