why a cat sleep so much?

why a cat sleep so much
why a cat sleep so much

if your cat sleeps so much and stay lazy is a pretty common thing in cats nature; the cats are one of the ancient animals living on the earth; according to some research more than 1000 years with over 40-70 different kinds of breeds, 

the cats are usually sleeping a couple of hours in the day. Depending on their age, the kittens usually sleep most of the day with no fixed duration of hours, while the 

Young adult cats sleep 12 – 20 hours a day is normal; sometimes, it is more to restore their energy for playing, chasing or hunting their meal.  

Is my Cat Sleeping With Close Eyes?

Well, the answer is no; most of the cats are only taking a rest by closing their eyes or getting attention and love from their owners; most of the time, you may notice their eyes are slightly open, and they notice every activity around there. 

Is it normal for cats to sleep a lot a Day?


The cats mostly sleep 12 – 20 hours a day which is called “ catnapping “, and depending on their age, after knowing all these factors, if your cat still stays lazy or sleeps more than usually 12 – 20 Hours, you should concert Your Vet for checkup mostly cats response while in sleeping when their owner walking into a friend of them or when cat food is prepared. 

 When Should I get Worried About My Cat Sleeping?

there is not any confirmed sleep pattern for cats to indicate a health problem sometimes; it is a few hours and some times Twice a Day; the only simple way is to note the daily routine and sleep pattern of your cat until its changes significantly

Why do cats sleep at your feet?

cats are one of those pets who always seek attention from their owners for getting their attention; they do many tricks rolling, jumping, crawling in front of them, and sleeping at your feet is one of them 


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