Three Reasons Why rabbits are bad pets?


The rabbits look very cute, but when you’re thinking to adopt a rabbit as a pet, then you should think again because rabbits are prey animals the like to live in open areas and dig the ground and make caves inside the grave they don’t like to get picked up and cuddled by humans.

How long can rabbits live alive?

Rabbits are not short-term living animals; they can live 8 to 12 Years or more; it’s hard to tell the actual life period of rabbits because it depends on their environment and breed.

Rabbits are costly to keep

The answer is yes, rabbits are expensive to keep; they need proper checkups on a weekly or monthly basis and a good diet to keep them healthy the average cost of rabbits’ foods is $500 to $800 annually.

Rabbits Require More Area to Keep them As Pet.

Rabbits are very active and fast animals. They like to jump and run while you keep them as a pet in low space can make them depressed

they want mostly ground areas and grass to play and dig the first floor and make caves inside the grave because they hide from humans and live mainly inside the ground

Giving Bath to Rabbits can Put them into Shock.

Rabbits are mostly like cats; they Like to clean & Groom themselves to lick their Fur for cleaning their body;

 rabbits are not like cats and dogs, which you can give a bath and groom if your rabbit is not grooming itself,

 then it would help if you got worried about its health and concert your vet for his health rabbits can clean themselves

 if you bathe rabbits, you can put them into Shock; mostly, people clean their claws and nose with wipes.


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