Do cats eat eggs?

Do cats eat eggs?
Do cats eat eggs?

As the egg is a complete diet for us but is it ok for your cat? I am here to talk about it in detail. So let’s start.

Cats love to consume eggs, and this is why many cat breeders occasionally add eggs to their cat’s diet so that they can have a shiny coat and keep their claws healthy.

Cat food manufacturers add eggs to their cat’s food formulas and increase the percentage of protein in the cat’s treatment and increase the many health benefits.

But there is more to cats than eggs!

Cats need to be carnivores (meaning they can only metabolise fatty acids from animal protein) to benefit from the perfect source of egg protein.

Can Cats eat raw eggs?

Eggs in the cooked form are the only way to feed your cat eggs. Raw eggs can be taken, but Salmonella or E. coli can cause serious gastrointestinal problems for your pet. Therefore, even cats fed raw food should not be given raw eggs.

Raw egg whites contain avidin. Avidin is a protein in eggs that, when raw, interferes with the absorption of complex B vitamins and biotin. However, cooking egg whites significantly reduces iodine, making it safer for cats.

Can Cats Eat Eggshells?

Eggshells are a wonderful source of calcium, which is important for your cat’s bones and tendons. The greatest way to feed eggshells is to grind them finely and occasionally sprinkle this powder on your adorable pet’s food.

What is the healthy amount of eggs?

Your cat needs a healthy, balanced diet, and eggs should only be given as a supplement. Although the egg is full of essential nutrients, it should be only 10% of your cat’s diet. Just feeding an egg to your beloved cat can lead to malnutrition because it needs many essential minerals and vitamins found in commercial cat food.

10 lb. One egg a day for a kitty equals 150 lbs a day for a human. So feeding one egg a day to your dear friend would be too much. Cats should lay eggs once or twice a week and never lay whole eggs. It is best to break the egg and serve a few small pieces at a time.

Can kittens eat eggs?

Yes, kittens can also consume small amounts of boiled or scrambled eggs. However, eggs should not be the only source of food for kittens. Kittens need a complete, formulated diet to ensure they have all the nutrients they need for growth. Consult your vet before supplying eggs to your kitten to eat.


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