Can guinea pigs eat tomatoes?

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Guinea pigs are herbivores, and eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, but it’s difficult to say which fruits or vegetables are best for guinea pigs.

What are guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs are pocket size and friendly animal which is kept as a pet. The average age of guinea pigs is 7 to 9 years, sometimes more.

Dietary benefits of Tomatoes:

Tomatoes are a safe and healthy diet for your guinea pigs.

A great source of fiber:

Adding tomatoes to your pet will fill the body’s fiber requirement, which can boost the immune & digestive system.

High in Vitamin C:

Tomatoes have several vitamins, like vitamin C (calcium), necessary for your pet’s diet, which also helps to prevent & treat scurvy; vitamin C is an essential vitamin for the repair of tissues.

High in vitamin K:

Tomatoes are high in vitamin K, which is essential for the growth and development of bones.

Folate(A B vitamins):

Tomatoes contain folate vitamin A B which is essential for the growth and development of tissues.

Not all tomatoes are safe to feed.

Not all tomatoes are safe to feed for your guinea pigs. Only ripened tomato fruit is safe to eat for your guinea pigs. They cannot eat tomatoes, leaves, or steam.

This part of the tomatoes plant contains a compound called “Tomatine,” similar to Solanine; it is a glycoalkaloid poison commonly found in nightshades species of plant.

This poison resides in tomatoes plant in a small amount, but this small amount of toxic is not harmful to humans. However, this amount of compound can cause serious health issues for guinea pigs due to their size. So, it is best only to feed ripened tomatoes to guinea pigs.

How many tomatoes should I give to my guinea pigs?

Tomatoes are healthy to add to your pet diet health, but the question is that how many tomatoes should I give to my guinea pigs?

Please give them a small cherry tomato a day; you can eat tomatoes in your pet diet daily, are high in oxalic acid, and give them much amount can cause the condition called Cheilitis. In this condition, scabs are formed in your guinea pig’s mouth.

It can be painful and requires veterinary treatment. You should be concerned about your nearest vet; if it’s formed in the form of scabs, it can be treated with an antibiotic lotion or cream by removing items high in oxalic acid.

Tomato has much Nutrition:

Tomatoes have much Nutrition, which is required for a healthy body. Adding them to your pet’s diet is an excellent choice for a small cherry size. In addition, tomatoes can keep hydrating your pet.

Tomatoes are high water content, which contains (about 95% water).

Tomatoes are enriched with the antioxidant lycopene, which can help prevent cell damage.

Tomatoes are a good source of potassium, which can help prevent hypokalemia in guinea pigs (low potassium level in blood).


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